• Rene Flächsenhaar
  • presents:

  • 5 patches
  • for
  • Line 6 HX Stomp

  • The FLAX PACK 1 comes with 5 patches for your HX-Stomp. All patches are dialed in with passive basses! All patches are coming with some comp and pre amp settings at first in the chain to build a strong sound foundation that you can also use without all the fx stardust.
  • D&B:
  • Octaver with a decent drive to get this Drum & Bass vibe. Spiced up with some ring modulation & delays on momentary switch functions. Hit the ring mod or the delay just for 1 note in your bass lines , this will add another fx dimension to your lines.

  • Delay:
  • Somewhere between U2 s The Edge, Tool and Limp Bizkit but for Bass! 2 Delays with different time settings, low pass filter building the core of this patch. Extra: a higher octave setting on momentary switch functions.

  • Filta:
  • Overdrive, Octaver, Chorus, Wah Wah and a Noise Gate to build this gritty wall of funk!
  • Voco:
  • Build chords on your bass but with hitting only one note at the time? Here you go! This one is set up in the key of E minor but you can choose any key you want. Spiced up with some Eq & Reverb to get a almost, Keyboard or Steel drum type of sound. Tipp: experiment with volume fades to get a synth pad like sound. Check your options with the tone/high frequency poti on your bass, it has a huge impact on this patch.

  • S-Chain:
  • A legendary „Line 6 Legacy" square synth wave with some chorus and a attacker to build this „ducked by a kick drum“ effect your hear a lot in the last 10 years in almost every style of modern music. Experiment with the attack time of the attacker to get the right time feel for you song & tempo.